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Galvanizing Fluxes

Galvanizing fluxes are available with us for every galvanizing operation. Various grades of Zinc Ammonium Chloride fluxes are being manufactured and developed on base of experience in their application in the Galvanizing industries.

These fluxes help in

  • Saving zinc consumption by reducing ash & dross
  • Enabling uniform coating on product
  • Providing good metal to metal bounding
  • Cleaning the product properly

These qualities tend to make the work economical and essential to use.

Fluxes are used in two different stages

  • Water flux or preflux

After the basic surface preparation the work is immersed in solution which makes a layer of zinc ammonium chloride flux on the work so that its oxides are dissolved and it also protect against further oxidation so that when dipped in molten zinc less of zinc ash and zinc dross is formed

  • Blanket flux or top flux

In hot dip galvanizing a bath of molten zinc is covered with Blanket flux usually referred as top flux and work to be galvanized are lowered into the molten zinc bath through the flux. The flux layer cleans and prepares the work for the reception of a metal coating. It reduce formation of ash in galvanized bath and provides uniform coating on product.

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